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Avoiding Board Conflicts of Interest

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Nothing… and I mean nothing… can divide a community like a conflict of interest – or perceived – conflict of interest of a board member.

More often than not, if there is an obvious or potential conflict of interest with a member of the board and an issue is in front of the board, that member will simply disclose the potential conflict and refrain from discussion on the issue and abstain from any vote.

Helpful Questions From the Community Association Institute

  • Do you have any outside interest that may influence your decision?
  • Do you have any outside interest that should be disclosed?
  • Do you have a duty or obligation to another entity that may influence your decision?
  • Do you have an obligation to another entity that conflicts with association?

If you answered yes – or you’re not sure – to any of these questions, you MUST disclose your concern, upfront.

If in doubt, we advise our clients to consult their governing documents for guidance and, if needed adopt a clear conflict of interest policy.

Your Property Manager and their team should be able to guide and coach you through a proven process to avoid and appearance of potential conflicts.

If they can’t, or simply don’t know how, give me a call.


I Hope This Helps.


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