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An Essential Read
for Every HOA Board Member

The N.J. HOA Property Brief:  A bi-monthly update
of the important and timely issues affecting HOA
communities throughout New Jersey.

  • State Regulation Updates
  • Legal Concerns
  • Board Leadership
  • Member Relations
  • Financial Responsibilities
  • Liabilities and Insurance
  • Community Risk Management
  • Vendor Issues
  • …and more

It’s almost impossible to keep up with hundreds of details, regulations and homeowner issues that every HOA has to deal with.

My N.J. HOA Property Brief will distill the important and relevant information that, I believe, will help you run an efficient community throughout the year.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-Anthony Nardone
CEO – Corner Property Management

“Since working with Corner we finally have a management company who addresses our concerns promptly and follows up on open items. The Board no longer has to sweat to get things done and we have a company that is doing what a management company should do. It's the first time that we don't need to remind a management company of their job. They do it and they do it very well, which takes the burden off of us.”