Commercial Property Management

Commercial Services

Eliminate Frustration and Hassles with Our Comprehensive Service Platform

We believe that a better approach to commercial property management is to provide all the services a commercial property owner needs:

  • General administration

  • Computerized financial and accounting services

  • Facility management

  • Capital project administration

CPM can customize the service you receive based on your needs – more services or less, according to your desires.

We know that investors and property owners are seeking to generate maximum returns on their property while increasing their asset’s value. By eliminating the complications of dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities of property management, you have more time to focus on your core business and the future of your property and investments.

Commercial property management requires a professional and experienced hand to ensure that every owner's investment is well-maintained and protected. Our management teams have the advantage of the engineering background of founder Tony Nardone. Each management team member is hand-picked by Tony and trained on what to look for to protect the value of each property we manage.

We are always inspecting for potential problems that should be addressed now while the cost is low, rather than waiting until we have to cope with disasters that have already occurred.

By providing an experience tailored to the needs of each property and its owners, we serve our customers in a different manner than large commercial management companies. We customize our management style according to the level of service that best suits the client’s needs.

Whether it's a strip center, professional office complex or industrial property, Corner Property Management supplies investors, and property owners with the expertise they need to generate the greatest returns on their properties.


  • Finance and Accounting Services

  • Technology and Communication

  • Vendor Management

  • Tenant Management

  • Billing and Rent Collection

  • Lease Compliance

  • Property Record Management

  • Property Inspections and Management

  • Establishment of Preventive Maintenance

  • Routine Maintenance Administration

  • Capital Improvement Project Management

  • Insurance Administration and Risk Management

  • Tenant Fit-up Services

We Tailor Our Services To Your Needs

  • 24-hour emergency service

  • Budget preparation

  • Property inspection reports

  • Property maintenance manual

  • Emergency action plan

  • Screened and evaluated service providers, suppliers and vendors

How We Set A Higher Standard In Commercial Property Management

  • Easy to reach. You will be able to reach your property manager in case of an after-hours emergency. You speak directly to one of your assigned team members when you call us.

  • A dedicated service team approach so that you get to know the individuals on your team and they get to know you and your property.

  • A reduction of the number of delinquent tenants. We consult with the owner and their professionals as necessary.

  • Monthly work order status reports. No more chasing your property manager for a status update on work orders. The status of work orders is automatically issued in a monthly report plus updates are always available online. Both owner and tenants stay informed to reduce frustration.

  • Complete, easy-to-read financial reports to the owner. We respect your time, so we ensure your financial reports are easy to understand.

  • Negotiation with contractors, suppliers, and other vendors to assure you that you are receiving the highest level of service at the best possible price.