Informational Videos

Informational and FAQs Videos

At Corner Property Management, one of the hallmarks of our service is improving lines of communication between property managers and homeowners’ associations. We believe in responding promptly to any client inquiries and updating everyone regarding the status of ongoing issues.

Because we want to keep our residents and board members informed of any new laws or developments that might impact them, we have posted some instructional videos covering topics that are relevant to residential community management. Some of the different issues discussed include creating and enforcing rules for your community, how to choose the right vendor, the property management budget process and more.

The founder of Corner Property Management, Tony Nardone, believes in making things as simple as possible for homeowners’ associations. For this reason, his videos break down the kinds of things you should look for in a property management company and the advantages to embracing technology and streamlining your processes.

By instructing clients about the right questions to ask property management companies and vendors, Corner Property puts its clients in position to make responsible, well-informed decisions about their properties.

Feel free to take a look at some of our latest videos.