Real Estate Management in Hudson County, New Jersey

Real Estate Management in Hudson County, New Jersey

Most people do not give enough thought to choosing property management company until after the fact.  What seems like a simple decision can have serious long-term consequences if it is not done correctly.  If you live in Hoboken or Edgewater, New Jersey and are looking for a reliable management company, please take a look at what Corner Property Management has to offer. 

Staying in Contact

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our close contact with our communities.  While we use the latest technology to our advantage, we never forget the importance of old-fashioned communication.  Therefore, we still answer the phone personally during business hours and always return emails or messages by the following business morning. 

We also know that we cannot serve our clients solely from behind a desk.  For this reason, we stop by our properties regularly in order to inspect their condition and to prevent future problems.   

Embracing Technology

Our embrace of technology enables us to react quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.  For example, our system enables us to upload work orders right from a smartphone.  We also simplify the process of viewing invoices, creating financial statements, and storing documents for your board members.  If your property in West New York or Jersey City, New Jersey wants on online newsletter for their community, we can create one.  Essentially, we use technology to reduce the costs and the hassles that handicap so many communities. 

Straightforward Real Estate Management 

After many years in the business, we recognize that property owners and board members have a strong desire for honest, upfront dealing regarding their vendors and maintenance providers.  They need to know that the people contracted by their property management company represent the best value for their community.  Consequently, we devised strict performance standards for our service providers with the overall goal of hiring the best company at the best price.  

Areas We Service

In Hudson County, New Jersey we service the following towns and surrounding areas:  Hoboken, Jersey City, West New York, and Edgewater. 

If you are looking to make a change or to hire a new condominium or apartment manager, please fill out our Contact Form on the Contact Us page.

If you looking for property management in a neighboring county, please visit our property management services in Somerset County and Morris County NJ.