Simple Steps to Keep Your Community Safe

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Simple Steps to Keep Your Community Safe

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It seems obvious that one of the priorities of homeowner leaders and managers is to ensure the general safety of their communities and association property. Associations that take a pro-active approach to their overall security help to maintain and increase the value of their communities.

A topic at a recent CAI-NJ educational event recently featured a technical specialist on the subject of new and improved security mechanisms to put in place for both gated communities and mid/high rise buildings.  It was a very informative discussion on the array of the new security equipment, such as gates, bar code readers and building entrance panels (to list a few) that are now available to improve the management of neighborhood and building security systems.

As impressive as all this new equipment has become, the choice of equipment or software technologies is just one part of an overall personal and property security plan.

Taking Preventive Measures Before Any Problems Occur.

At CPM for example, we conduct a comprehensive safety assessment of our communities.  This includes both personal and physical safety of the residents.

  • Personal Safety Review – common area lighting, security monitoring systems, community and building access technology and procedures are reviewed.
  • Physical safety issues common area repairs that may need repair and/or maintenance such as sidewalks, lighting and fire prevention systems.
  • Utilities assessment – Electrical and other mechanical inspections to ensure everything is up to code and in proper working order.

We also believe that it is smart to educate your residents on actions they can take to keep themselves and their neighbors safe.

Many local police departments offer on-site programs to their communities about steps residents can take to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of personal and property crime and can assist with setting up Neighborhood Watch program.  A U.S. Department of Justice study concluded that in communities with such programs a “significant reduction in crime” was reported.

While the latest safety technology and security equipment that is now available to community leaders and managers is impressive,  it’s just a small part of a much larger puzzle that includes homeowner leaders, managers and residents working together to build and educate themselves to create safer  communities.


Tony Nardone MBA, PCAM®

CEO – Corner Property Management


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