Spring Community Checklist

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Spring Checklist

As the weather warms up many communities need to get ready for the upcoming season and assess their properties after the harsh winter.

Often issues come up that need to be addressed as well as making sure everything is in place for the months ahead.

Basic Tasks We’re Reviewing With Our Clients Right Now.

  • Review winter damage with your plow contractor.  As the snow banks recede it’s not uncommon to discover curb or turf damage from keeping things clear.
    • Inspect for any roof damage from snow and ice.
    • Look for any paint or siding problems that often occur during the cold months.
    • Check for plants, trees or shrubs that may have suffered winter damage and my need to be replaced.
  • Drainage. With the increased rainfall and snow melt property managers should take note of any standing water to determine drainage issues.
  • Gutters. Winter ice and freezing temps can wreak havoc on gutters and in-ground drain systems.  Any problems should be repaired immediately to prevent damage to foundations, planting areas and basement.  Even if things look in good shape, a spring gutter inspection & cleaning should be scheduled.
  • Mechanical Systems.  A complete once-over of the HVAC systems in critical this time of year to ensure that everything is working properly once temps start to heat up in a few months.
    • This is also a good time of year to check sprinkler and fire systems and the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Contracts.
    • Is your pool contractor agreement signed?  Pool badges ordered and scheduled for delivery?  Pool inspections scheduled to open pool?
    • Landscaping contracts should be reviewed and schedules set for the months ahead.

Your Property Manager and their team should be well into most of these basic tasks which cover the most common issues.

If they haven’t, contact me at 908.966.6909.

Tony Nardone MBA, PCAM®

CEO – Corner Property Management

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