The Problem with “Self-Dealing”

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February 19, 2019
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The Problem with “Self-Dealing”

Property Management contractors & maintenance

Self-dealing can occur when your property management company provides maintenance or contracting services to your community using their own personnel, or personnel from an allied company.

Now, this practice is not in itself unethical. In fact, it can create savings for your community when done with integrity.

But, when service providers deliver low quality services, or charge noncompetitive rates, and the property manager is profiting by using these vendors, that’s a problem and it could be costing you a LOT of money.

The Good and the Bad of Self-dealing

Think about it, there can be a strong incentive for a property management company to provide additional services using their own resources, even if another company’s services might be more price competitive. There can also be the temptation to “let things slide” if the services provided aren’t quite up to snuff.

At Corner Property Management, we have established performance standards for all service and maintenance companies, vendors and suppliers. The companies that we recommend and use are subject to the same competitive bidding process as all others. This process assures you that you are getting quality service at competitive prices… in other words… good value!

I Hope This Helps.

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