Why the Final Price Almost Never Matches the Bid

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Why the Final Price Almost Never Matches the Bid

Maintenance and Service

Cost overruns by maintenance and service contractors is something we hear about a lot. Why is it that these companies can’t seem to stick to their original bids when they get done with a job?

The Problem Is In the Bidding Process

You see, many property managers fail to prepare bid specifications with sufficient detail. So the bidder makes some assumptions… and, since they want to get the work, their assumptions are usually going to result in a lower bid. When they get into the work itself, they charge for the work they’re required to do, which probably wasn’t priced into their bid, making costs higher.

Since I am an engineer, I know how to prepare detailed bid specs so that contractors know at the time of the bid what the expectations are. The happy result is that we are able to hold contractors to their bids because the specs included the details of what was expected. If they underbid, then it’s their problem.

There’s an added component with construction projects because contractors have their own language, and can talk in circles about why a project is costing more than the bid, or why it’s not progressing as you may have expected.

Here again, my training as an engineer means that the bid specs will be detailed and complete. Also, I will be on site often – even daily – to manage your construction project. And, since I speak the contractor’s language, they won’t get away with any double talk!

I Hope This Helps.


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