4 Tips For Year-Round Property Maintenance

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4 Tips For Year-Round Property Maintenance

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New property management tasks emerge with each transition of the season. Tasks such as snow and leaf removal certainly pop out as obvious seasonal maintenance procedures, but every system in your building should be inspected and repaired on a seasonal schedule. Use these tips to keep your year-round property maintenance well planned and executed.

      1 . Complete Preventative Maintenance In The Summer

Use the optimal weather conditions of summer to complete preventative maintenance tasks that would be a bit more cumbersome completed at other times of the year. Make a list of maintenance tasks that need to be addressed throughout the winter and the spring seasons and prioritize them for completion during the summer months.

Think of items such as painting and siding repairs, roofing repairs and replacements, and landscaping and drainage upgrades. While all of these tasks can provide some aesthetic upgrades, they are more importantly completed to protect your building from the exterior environment.

      2. Winterize Your Property In The Fall

Before mother nature starts dropping those pretty white crystals from the sky, be sure your property is weatherproofed and winterized. It is important to plan ahead with these tasks so you are not caught off guard by the first snow of the season. It can vary by region but plan to have these items completed no later than November 1st. 

You will want to inspect the integrity of your gutter, heating, and water systems. Water lines should be property insulated or in well-insulated spaces to avoid freezing. It may be a good idea to check the insulation of roofs and walls in older properties in an effort to reduce energy consumption. You should also inspect your chimneys and plan for an annual cleaning prior to use.

      3. Be Prepared For Emergencies

If emergencies are not adequately prepared for, they can have consequential outcomes. Preparing for emergencies requires the coordination of your HOA, property manager, and homeowners. Put a date on the calendar to address all emergency-related tasks at least annually, although some should be more often bi-annually or even bi-monthly.

A few emergency-related tasks include updating emergency contacts, reviewing insurance policies, testing safety devices such as fire alarms and security cameras, and distributing updated safety procedures to homeowners. 

      4. Budget Properly For Repairs

It is highly important for HOAs to properly budget for all of their expenses, especially property repairs. If year-round property maintenance is not adequately budgeted for, repair tasks can be ignored and lead to catastrophic outcomes. 

Work with your property management company to create a realistic budget for property maintenance and repairs. Be sure to allocate a contingency budget that will cover any unforeseen issues that will ultimately arise. 

Q: How do you best maintain a property year-round?

A: Properly maintaining your property year-round requires a high level of planning and ultimately executing. As an HOA, work with your property management company to set a maintenance schedule that will address seasonal changes.

Completing Year-Round Property Maintenance

Does your HOA need a refreshed plan for year-round property maintenance? Contact Corner Property Management! We will work directly with you and the board to create a plan specific to your building and community. We look forward to working with you on your plan!

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