Simplify Your HOA With Property Management Technology

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Simplify Your HOA With Property Management Technology

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There are tasks that property management companies, homeowner associations and condo boards must keep up with in order to properly manage their members and properties. Tasks such as collecting fees, allocating budgets, and completing repairs can certainly pile up if not properly tended to. 

Without the proper tools, it can be almost impossible to prioritize these tasks and not let important measures fall through the cracks. While some associations still rely on mailing, filing, and sorting physical documents to run their organizations, many have converted their processes to digital enterprises.

By working with the right property management company, you can shift these important duties to HOA property management technology platforms that allow you to streamline your day-to-day procedures. Association boards are able to free up their time to focus on important issues by removing those repetitive, bookkeeping tasks from their responsibility.

What Can HOA Property Management Technology Do?

HOA property management technology will allow homeowners to pay their condo fees through an online platform with multiple payment options. Homeowners can also access the online platform to view their payment history.

Additionally, property management systems can be used to determine the overall financial status of the HOA. Generate reports detailing budget allocations, A/P invoices, and other important accounting measures.

Building work orders can be submitted directly through HOA property management technology platforms as well. Homeowners can check the status of their submission and monthly work order status reports can be generated for review by the board. 

Property management platforms are also a great tool for document storage. Virtually store Governing Documents, meeting minutes, audits and other necessary board documents for viewing by all parties.

How Should HOAs & COAs Integrate New Technology System Platforms?

Your property management company may already use a technology that can be suited for your needs. Using a platform or software in conjunction with your property manager ensures a streamlined and effective operating system for all.

Keeping all of your HOA tasks “under one roof” with the help of property management software ensures transparency and simplicity across your association. The overall experience for board members and homeowners will be adequately improved with the use of these management systems.

Q: Why should homeowner/condo associations use HOA property management technology platforms?

A: Homeowner/Condo associations can streamline their processes with use of HOA property management technology. Tasks such as paying dues, viewing board documents, and managing work orders can all be done from one easy-to-use platform usable by all.

Updating Your Property Management Platforms

Are you considering making some much-needed changes to your property management service? Let us help you with that! Contact Corner Property Management and let us work with your homeowner or condo association board to implement HOA property management technology services that simplify your needs. 

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