Townhouse Management in Mercer and Middlesex County NJ

Townhouse Management in Mercer and Middlesex Counties

Have you been thinking about switching your property management company but keep delaying because of the difficulty and the time involved?  Do you own or manage townhouses or other residential property in Monroe or Robbinsville, New Jersey?  If so, then we would like to help you with the process. At Corner Property Management, we have the resources to manage a building complex or community regardless of your size or needs. We understand how important it is to have a property management firm that is the ideal fit for your community. 

Open and Direct Property Management

Many communities complain of a lack of transparency regarding the contractors hired by their property management companies.  We understand that owners and board members have a right to know whether the people hired by their managers fit their needs and their budget.

For this reason, we have implemented uniform performance standards to which our vendors and maintenance providers must adhere in order to find the right people at the right price.

Up-to-Date Technology

We use the most up-to-date technology to eliminate many of the difficulties encountered in managing condominium complexes or townhouses.  For instance, we can create financial statements, store documents, or provide invoices for your board members at a moment’s notice.  In addition, we can upload work orders to a smartphone or even start an online newsletter for your community.

Open Communication

One of the most common complaints we hear about real estate management companies is that they are difficult to reach.  With Corner Property Management, it will never take days or weeks to get a return call because we always have a live person answering the phone during business hours.  We also follow up by the next morning with calls or emails that come in after hours.

Furthermore, our experience tells us that we cannot simply manage properties from an office.  Whether you are an owner or board member in West Windsor or Old Bridge, New Jersey, we visit our properties regularly, so we can inspect their condition and spot major problems before they arise.

Our Service Areas

In Mercer and Middlesex County, New Jersey we service the following towns and nearby communities: East and West Windsor, Ewing, Lawrence Township, Robbinsville, Jamesburg, Monroe, Old Bridge, and Cranbury.

If you would like more information about property management for your condominium, townhouse, or co-op community, please enter your information in the Contact Form on the Contact Us page. 

If you looking for complexes, condos or townhouse property management in a neighboring county, please visit our property management services in Hudson County NJ.