How Gutter Maintenance Contracts Can Save THOUSANDS

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December 3, 2018
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How Gutter Maintenance Contracts Can Save THOUSANDS

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Gutters are not something townhouse and condo associations usually think of until something goes wrong.  Gutters, when they sag or fall off, make buildings look shabby and unkept, but it goes beyond that.

When gutter systems are not maintained properly, year-round, they can cost properties thousands of dollars!

Gutters play a pivotal role in maintaining the structural integrity of buildings.  They guide rainwater off the roof and straight into drains.  Blockages in the gutters themselves and the drainpipes occur as a result of:

  • Tree debris which takes flight in the Spring
  • Leaf buildup in the Fall

Gutters can also be damaged by high winds, blocked by baseballs unwittingly hit too high (the “I didn’t do it” syndrome), and make great homes for birds looking for a safe place to nest.

Disadvantages of No Gutter Maintenance Contract:

  1. Ice damming (or ice not melting properly in the gutters) can cause melting water to leak behind walls and windows. This results in falling/sagging ceilings and mold growing in units.
  2. Undue weight from saggging gutters causes undue pressure on the roof resulting in costly roof repairs.
  3. Large icicles which form on clogged gutters pose a hazard as they can fall on residents and property.
  4. Puddles can freeze on walkways which is a major personal liability. Even unfrozen puddles can be a tripping hazard for the unaware pedestrian.
  5. Water not flowing properly can seep into a building’s foundation, causing thousands of dollars in remediation.
  6. Cracks in shingles and wet environments invite bugs like termites and carpenter ants to infest dwellings.

A year-round gutter maintenance contract, should be in place for your community now which insures the integrity of gutters and can save clients hundreds,  if not thousands, of dollars.  It makes buildings and the surrounding grounds safer and look better.

If you’d like more information on how Corner Property Management can implement an effective gutter maintenance contract for your community then contact us NOWContact Tony Nardone, Managing Partner of Corner Property Management, at 973.376.3925, visit our website at, or email Tony at

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