Are You Ready For Winter?

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Are You Ready For Winter?

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Over the summer I wrote about the importance of having a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan in place that provides guidelines for preparing for emergencies we experience in the Northeast.

With winter fast approaching one thing we emphasize with our clients is to review their plan for the coming winter weather.

Severe winter storms bring heavy snow, ice, strong winds and/or freezing rain. There is the potential for loss of power as well as transportation issues, heavy snow damage and frozen plumbing.

Tasks We’re Having Our Clients Review Right Now:

  • Review your snow removal maintenance contracts and agreements.  Get clarity from your contractors about what is expected from them during a storm, contact information and procedural guidelines.
  • We also suggest that you review your insurance documents and guidelines in the event of property damage and have contact information at the ready.
  • Have a clear plan in place to deal with power outages.  This is especially important for our clients with elevators in the building.
  • Also have procedures in place to deal with potential heavy snow or ice damage especially from roofing problems.
  • And don’t forget to communicate and inform owners on these procedures and what they can expect in the event of winter weather before the season kicks in.

Your Property Manager and their team should be able to guide and help you put together a basic winter emergency plan that covers the most common issues.

If they can’t, or simply don’t know how, contact me at 908.966.6909.

-Tony Nardone, CEO

Corner Property Management

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