Preventative Maintenance Plans

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July 12, 2021
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Preventative Maintenance

If you are a leading member of a condo association or HOA, there is a lot on your plate to manage and keep track of. Whether that includes financial management, community relations, or building upkeep, you might want to consider simplifying or delegating some of your tasks to make your job easier. Creating a simple preventative maintenance plan and delegating the responsibilities to your community management company is a great way to help accomplish this.

A properly planned and executed preventative maintenance plan will ensure your condo, high-rise, or single family homes remain in proper working condition. The preventative maintenance plan will also keep your budgets balanced as fewer large scale repairs will creep up on you.

Implementing a new or updated preventative maintenance plan does not have to be a difficult task. Take some time to understand the importance of a preventative maintenance plan and from there determine what should be included based on the specific needs of your association.

Why You Should Have A Preventative Maintenance Plan

A proper preventative maintenance plan will save your association time and money in the long run. By strategically keeping up with routine maintenance on building components it reduces the likelihood of a part breaking or at least reduces the impact of a system failure. 

This preventative plan is especially useful for planning for replacement of large parts or entire pieces of equipment, like a boiler or HVAC system. If a system is going to reach its useful life during a certain year, you can plan backwards and properly budget for the replacement. If a maintenance task requires a specific certified tradesperson, you will now have the ability to schedule their service in advance instead of scrambling at the last minute.

How To Create A Preventative Maintenance Plan

This is where having a professional community management service that works alongside you to create this plan is extremely important. Your community management team might know the ins and outs of your building for you to benefit from this expertise to create a common sense plan that can realistically be executed.

To create your preventative maintenance plan, you will assess all aspects of your buildings including items like HVAC systems, exterior facade, parking lots, pools, elevators, etc. You will define the maintenance tasks associated with each item and put them on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or semi-annual schedule. Being aware of when items need to be serviced or replaced will allow you to purchase parts ahead of time and schedule services in a timely fashion. 


Q: Why is a preventative maintenance plan important for an association?

A: A preventative maintenance plan for your association allows you better control over your building assets as well as your time and budget. Properly planning for regular maintenance and future replacement of parts and systems keeps your budget and community at ease.

Creating Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

Interested in drafting a preventative maintenance plan for your association, but not sure where to start? Contact Corner Property Management! We will work directly with you and the board to create a plan specific to your building and community. We know a thing or two about what exactly should be included in your preventative maintenance plan and look forward to working with you on your customized plan!

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