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Post-COVID property management

It is without a doubt COVID-19 forever altered the world as we know it. To limit the spread of such viruses, people everywhere changed their current habits and adapted to new ones to keep themselves and those around them safe. These changes in habits and procedures are here to stay and affect just about every industry imaginable.

Community management is no exception. Whether you own or manage a condo association, single family home community, or a luxury high rise, the community management service you currently use or need to hire must adapt to post-COVID community management measures.

An exceptional community management service will guide you in the changes you must make to keep the residents of your community happy and safe. You may need to consider changes to ventilation systems, regular cleanings, and other aspects of your routines and your professional  management company will help you manage these modifications.

How Will Community Management Look Different

While community management will continue to include tasks that relate to maintenance and upkeep of your property, some items will need to be upgraded or modified to better serve your community.

There will be a greater focus on air filtration and effective HVAC systems. Outdated HVAC systems will need to be upgraded and functioning systems should be serviced more frequently.

Limiting the exposure your residents have to one another will also be an important change to the future of community management. Contactless systems will need to be integrated for building access, amenity use, package management, and service requests. The ability for your community management company to remotely monitor building systems will cut back on the number of visits and people inside your association.

Arguably the most important modification will be to the overall cleanliness of your buildings. Common areas will need to be cleaned daily or even every few hours depending on their use. Cleaning will not only include the removal of dirt and debris, but surfaces will need to be sanitized and disinfected regularly.

How HOAs Should Handle Post-COVID Community Management Changes

There are many questions associations might have about the latest requirements for maintaining their properties. To properly plan for and modify your association management procedures in a post-COVID world, it is important to work with a trusted and experienced professional community management company.

A professional community management team will help guide you in implementing the necessary changes to your buildings and amenities. They will work with you to determine what upgrades need to be made, the cost impact, and an appropriate timeline to implement the changes. Additionally, they will use their experience at similar buildings to help you ensure you are making the right decisions for your board and community.


Q: What post-COVID changes should you make with your community management service?

A: To adapt to post-COVID community management changes, work with your professional management team to evaluate your ventilation systems, your common spaces, and potential contactless alternatives that can be used throughout your buildings and amenities.

Reimaging Your Community Management Service

Are you considering making some much needed changes to your community’s management service? Let us help you with that! Contact Corner Property Management and let us work with your condo association board to implement necessary post-COVID community management changes to your routines.

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